How to figure out your handicap

how to figure out your handicap

Course Handicap ™ Calculator Enter your Handicap Index® (Men + to , Ladies + to ) Course Handicap tm Calculator. LOOK UP. CALCULATE. How to Determine Your Handicap. A handicap, officially known as a “ handicap index,” allows golfers to calculate a net score that can be used. A golfer's handicap is determined by two factors, which are the course rating and Golfing Scoring & Tips.

How to figure out your handicap - dem

Once upon a time, these calculations were all done by hand. You divide by because it represents the Standard Slope Rating established by the UGSA. Round to the nearest whole number. Your Membership has expired! Dave August 11, 7: See also Course Handicap Calculator for information about converting a handicap index into a course handicap and how to use the official USGA calculator.


How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap The Rating and Slope is usually found on the scorecard from the course. For the best website experience, we recommend updating your browser Download Latest Version Dismiss. The number is a constant and represents the slope rating of a golf course of average difficulty. To get a golf handicap is a simple process. The golf club then works out an average score and calculates your handicap accordingly. If you are interested in more information, you can always read through rtl mein chat portal current USGA Handicap Manual on their website USGA.

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